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                Hello, Welcome to the website of Hong Kong Hualin International Technology Lighting Co., Ltd!
                24-hour Hotline:

                What can Waring do for you

                Hualin Lighting

                Committed to the manufacture and application of high-quality LED lighting products, covering LED city lighting products, LED lighting





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                Give you the most guaranteed quality of service

                Self-produced and self-sold, quality service guaranteed after-sales

                Innovation and leading technology

                Outdoor lighting quality manufacturers, customers trust manufacturers

                Since the establishment of the company, the design and construction team building is complete, a pair of systematic design services, time-saving, money-saving and worry-saving, own construction team, standardized construction, the effect is perfect.

                Factory production, direct supply of goods

                High-end quality, affordable price

                Hualin plant covers an area of more than 4000 square meters, with many automatic packaging, assembly, aging detection and other production lines, to ensure rapid supply; strict process control for all products from raw materials to product completion, to ensure the perfection of each product quality.

                Complete variety and novel style

                Has a rich product chain, a complete range of products

                Professional technical service team according to your lighting project needs, provide LED lighting project lighting overall solution, and can provide professional lighting effect animation production, so that you save effort.

                Strong after-sales service team

                Provide a full set of technical support and services before, during and after sales

                Professionals carefully and comprehensively guide wiring construction, save effort, the company sent technical engineers to guide the construction site, to assist in the completion of the transfer.

                Hong Kong Hualin International Technology Lighting Co., Ltd.

                 Hong Kong Hualin International Technology Lighting Co., Ltd. is a pioneer professional company dedicated to the quality of high-quality LED outdoor lighting products.
                Hong Kong Hualin International Technology Lighting Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to the manufacture and application of high-quality LED lighting products, covering two major areas of LED city lighting products and LED lighting. The management of Hong Kong Hualin is composed of elites and technicians from the modern enterprise management experience industry.



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